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Who are the royal people abroad the ship? The play opens with a violent sea storm—the tempest of the title. A ship carrying several noble personages is being battered and buffeted by the crashing waves and howling wind. How can you say from act I scene 1 that Shakespeare had a sound knowledge of a ship at sea? I do not think that whether or not Shakespeare had a sound knowledge of a ship at sea can be stated with a great deal of confidence based on act 1, scene 1.

Most of the scene is made up of drama What did Prospero do with his magical books and wand? Prospero, the Duke of Milan, uses What makes Gonzalo feel uncomfortable despite the storm?

In the exciting opening scene of the play, the King of Naples and his group of nobles struggle to survive the violent tempest that threatens to sink their ship.

As the Boatswain attempts to rouse What has Miranda seen that makes her suffer? Miranda explains to her father, Prospero, in act 1, scene 2 of the play that she is suffering because of what has happened to those whose ship has been caught in the storm.

What does Prospero feel entitled to in The Tempest? Prospero in The Tempest seems to feel that he is entitled to a lot of things. The actions that he takes to stir up the tempest and begin the action of the play are all for the purpose of taking When the banished Prospero first arrives on his island exile, he discovers that Ariel has been imprisoned in a pine tree by the evil witch He is shocked to see another living Who wants power in The Tempest?

It was a loss of power that led to Prospero being banished to a remote island. Back home, he was Why is Prospero overthrown? Prospero was so engrossed in his studies, in his books and magic, that he neglected his duties as Duke of Milan. He was more than happy to leave the day-to-day administration of the dukedom to his Why does Prospero decide to show mercy to his enemies?

Do you think Prospero had planned to Prospero appears to experience quite a transformation throughout the play. The arrival of his foes on the island With help from Ariel, Prospero divides the people shipwrecked on the island into three groups It is important to One of the reasons The Tempest is considered a comedy is because Prospero forgives the men who Throughout the play, Prospero has been dictatorial and controlling.

But in the final act he becomes forgiving. The play offers three reasons for this change. First, Ariel motivates Prospero to However, both in chronological and thematic terms, the play could indeed be What is the comical element in The Tempest? One of the big ones is the result of the culture shock experienced by Miranda, who has What events cause Prospero to reveal his past to Miranda?

She begs him to stop. What does Prospero say regarding his love for study and books? Initially, Prospero prizes his books above just about everything else. Indeed, his love of books and study helps to explain why he was deposed as Duke of Milan. He was so engrossed in his studies Prospero uses his magic to control both Ariel and Caliban, albeit in different ways.

In that sense his attitude towards them is inherently exploitative. Ariel and Caliban exist to serve him, and Why is Alonso feeling depressed and sad? Alonso, the King of Naples, is feeling sad because he has lost his daughter Claribel to marriage, and now, shipwrecked on a deserted island, he believes his son, Ferdinand, is also dead.

Why is act 3 called the climax? Explain the high points in the three scenes of act 3. Every action that Prospero has instigated up to this point has been for What happens when Miranda and Ferdinand meet each other for the first time? Miranda has never seen such a handsome, dashing man before.

Why is act 2 called the rising action? Discuss the complications in the conflicts that are in What is the main theme of act 3 in The Tempest? Sly Prospero observes without being observed, learning Why is act 1 called the exposition? Give examples of characters whose backstories we learn in act In literature and in theatre, in this case , "exposition" refers to the first part of the work that introduces the primary characters, the setting, and, in some cases, the main conflict.

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