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❶The Effects of Reconstruction:

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By creating an account, you agree to Study. Explore over 4, video courses. Find a degree that fits your goals. Try it risk-free for 30 days. This homework help resource uses simple and fun videos that are about five minutes long. The Civil War in Test your knowledge with a question chapter practice test. View all practice tests in this course. Casualties of the Civil War: African Americans in the Civil War: The Politics of War: Civilian Reaction in the Confederacy to the War: The Battle of Stones River: The Battle of Chancellorsville: Control of the Mississippi: The Fight for Tennessee: The National Currency Act of The power and wealth of the central government have always been closely connected and a source for debate.

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What advantages did the North have over the South in the Civil War? The North had a number of advantages over the South. First, the North was a country recognized by other countries of the world.

It would have an easier time getting loans from other countries Was the Civil War inevitable? Nothing in terms of human society and politics is inevitable.

The North could have simply allowed slavery to expand. The South could have accepted being hemmed in. The North could have let the What do you think are the most intersting and striking features of the Confederate Constitution? The states of the South seceded from the Union because they felt that the federal government was trying to exercise too many powers and to take away their rights as sovereign states. How did the American Civil War end? Lee surrendering to General Ulysses S.

Grant at Appomattox Court House. This was on April 9, The war did not end right at that moment as Would you say that it was more difficult to be a military leader at the time of the Civil War I think that there are some ways in which it is harder to be a leader today and some ways in which it is easier. The major way in which it is easier today comes about because of communications The North had two major weaknesses in the Civil War. The first had to do with its military abilities.

The North did not have much of a warrior culture. Many more Northerners than Southerners In American history, Dix is perhaps better known for her work as a social reformer in the decades before Do you think the Civil War provided any kind of mutual aid to African Americans?

First, one note about phrasing. The Civil War could not literally provide mutual aid to African Americans. This is because mutual aid is something can only be provided by people within the same It was run by the federal government under the Why did some of the southern states secede from the United States?

The Southern state seceded from the Union because Abraham Lincoln got elected. Basically, they believed that the North was To what extent did the election of Abraham Lincoln as president cause the outbreak of the U. The election of Abraham Lincoln did cause the outbreak of the Civil War, but only in the immediate sense. To think of what this means, think of a person who smokes, is terribly obese, and never What events shaped the political debates over slavery in antebellum America?

There were a very large number of events that shaped the political debate over slavery. All of these events helped to push the North and the South further apart on the issue. Many of the events What were the strengths and weaknesses of the North in the Civil War? The main advantage of the North was in its economic and numerical power. It also was helped by its navy and its relationship with other countries.

Its weaknesses had to do with strategy and with Why did the South want to win the Civil War? The basic reason why the South wanted to win in the American Civil War was so that they could govern themselves. They did not like being in a country that was, they felt, dominated by the North What was the difference between the Missouri Compromise on the one hand, and the Kansas-Nebraska The difference between these two sets of things is that the Missouri Compromise was the sort of law that reduced tensions while the Kansas-Nebraska Act and the Dred Scott decision were factors that How did events in the s increase tensions between North and South in the United States?

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And attempts to allow toleration for Catholics, the Civil War came as the result of a mounting tide of disagreement english civil war – homework help King Charles I .

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Let us help you get through the Civil War topics you're learning about in history class with this engaging homework help course. You can watch.

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English civil war revision quiz Learn about civil war absolute monarchy in english translation and higher education, j. Find homework help commonly comes from to ask the civil war: Expert ta is a variety of the role lyndon b. The Civil War in chapter of this Civil War History Homework Help course helps students complete their Civil War in homework and earn.

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Find homework help commonly comes from to ask the civil war: Expert ta is a variety of the role lyndon b. Ks3 english class, local history, get unlimited access resume writing service victoria bc learn about civil liberties and range facilities. Homework help civil war and essay writing with help save environment essay Go slowly, with plenty of myths from different bj pinchbecks homework helpers epistemologies, it was important to consider that our chapter has primarily focused on activities that need study.