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AP Computer Science A

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AP Computer Science Homework

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2018 AP CS Exam Free Response Solutions

Simply post your question and get it answered by professional tutor within 30 minutes. We know that computer science project is often a serious problem, as it requires time, concentration and knowledge. Therefore, many people are looking for Computer Science homework help from an expert, who can meet all the specific requirements of the project.

We are glad to offer our help in completing both your computer science homework and projects. A sequence of these instructions is to be deciphered and interpreted by computer in the certain way, so that human can get the desired result — output. Computer programming requires high concentration and exceptional accuracy.

Any error in syntax or design leads to kind of misunderstanding between the computer and the person, who works with the code — the programmer. All these nuances are familiar to us, so we have gathered the best experts in order to avoid any errors and mistakes in your assignments. Delivery on time and accuracy are our trademark. Indeed, we have collected experts from all the areas of computer science.

Our professionals are able to work with all the computer science tasks, including sophisticated programming projects. We work hard on every single order and pay attention to every specific requirement and detail. What we could find: Write a program that prompts for and reads a course name, its credits and reference book. Then print the following paragraph, inserting the This is a scholarly post and your responses should have more depth than "I agree" and should demonstrate critical reflection of the problem in order to promote vigorous discussion of the topic within.

Java error "Account2 cannot be resolved to a type" The code in question is bellow: Your discussion subject of this week is to write an initial post on which one of these you will be utilizing to secure a data center? To represent the board create a single tile the spaces the player will move onto using MSPaint and designate it to a small size like 50x50 pixels. In MSPaint take the tile image and place one of four colored dots at the center which will represent the players.

You can create traps and shortcuts the same way with things like an O for shortcuts and an X for traps. Put an S and F on a tile for the start and finish. For rolling the dice have a JOptionPane open up with a random integer between 1 and 6. Place all images as JLabels. To keep track of spaces, rather than using WindowBuilder you can hardcode the JLabels as an array or ArrayList, which will make changing the JLabel pictures much easier to handle.

A View is the graphical representation of a program. The controller is how the user interacts with the program. You will lose points based on what is missing, however, if your are missing some elements that does not mean you will receive no credit. You will receive credit based on what it needs to do. Create a program that acts like a screen saver.

It does not have to be full screen. The program should have a background image that loops. It should also have randomly appearing clickable images. It is recommended that you use a null layout, but the program may not appear as intended. This will not affect your grade for this assignment as long as their is evidence that it can function. Using a layout will make it look much nicer but will require A LOT more effort to code.

Having different kinds of clickable images makes it more appealing. Also, having a theme will make it overall better. For example, the cookie clicker theme that has cookies scrolling through milk with the occasional clickable golden cookie that explodes. The easiest way to do this is to use JLabels.

Move the JLabels through the frame in a line. When one JLabel goes entirely off screen, move to the back of the line. You will need a thread to control the movement of the background. Make another JLabel that is very small. Tutor DUE February 15th, Make a program that asks 20 questions over 4 different topics on any subject.

Each question should be a multiple choice question with only one correct answer. It should display under the bar graph the percentage of each topic scored correctly. Color coded bar graphs based on correctly answered questions: Take a simple topic like math.

Use simple concepts like solving single variable equations, the equation of a line, set notation and radicals. Google five questions for each topic and put the whole thing together. You can put the entire question in the showInputDialog. Make sure to prevent them from answering an incorrect response. You can simply reask the question for this. Create a virtual pet. The user should be able to feed, pet and clean poop.

The pet should have a name. You do not need animations for your pets or even images. However, you can get tons of resources from google images.

Also use a separate JLabel for poop and food. Use JButtons to do all of the actions for your pet. Use a thread to count down the life cycle of your pet. When the thread reaches five minutes, the pet dies. Change the way your pet looks like to represent a death.

Simon DUE February 1st , Make the game Simon. In simon, you have four colored buttons red, green, blue and yellow. Simon will show you the order to press the buttons. During the first round Simon will only show you one color to press. Each consecutive round Simon adds another random color to the sequence. Save the users high score. The high score can reset to zero if you close the program. Simon will get his colors to show you in order from the array list.

The user inputs should match the parameters the question will take in. It should also have a place to remove orders from the list. A JOptionPane can come up to tell the user the total number of boxes in the list as well as how many were removed. Make a game like cookie clicker. You click on a button or image and it will increase a counter. You can purchase upgrades so that the counter can increase further upon each click and automatically.

There should be achievements for purchasing and getting certain amounts. Lastly there should be a "golden cookie" that appears every 10 seconds. See below for more information: Has scrolling numbers showing you increased "cookie" counts. You will need one for the counter, one for how many cookies you increase when you click the button and one for the number of grandmas.

The counter should update its text constantly using a thread calling the. Update the counter using an integer variable that is static. A grandma can be made with a thread separate or same that has a Thread. In the thread that is changing the counter, check to see if an achievement needs to be added to the combobox you can store achievements as an initialized String arrray and add them when necessary. Have a thread control whether or not that button is visible.

Create an action listener for that button that changes how many cookies you get for each click. Pick your favorite fast food restaurant and look online for their menu included with prices. Have options to add in a value meal like fries and a drink or something similar. When the user hits the total button the total should include sales tax. When the button is clicked it should add the item to an ArrayList which will hold the name of the item, whether or not it has a value meal, the size of the value meal and a subtotal for that item.

Create an arithmetic calculator program. It must have number buttons a Clear button a d ecimal button as well as:

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Whether you are looking to prepare for the AP Computer Science A exam or the AP Computer Science Principles exam or want to improve your recreational coding skills, we have expert tutors that can help address any of the questions you might have. With The Princeton Review’s Computer Science homework help our tutors will help you .

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AP Computer Science A - Homework - Mr. Rico's. AP Computer Science A. Click here to edit subtitle - Token pass is a really easy AP Question to turn into a program and the solutions to the question will partially write the program. It will not help their grade in the slightest as they will fail all the quizzes and tests and for the. Mar 05,  · Computer science is freaking you out? No reason to be worry! Just contact us and use ap computer science homework help!5/5(66).

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Need help with the AP Computer Science? Course Hero provides top study resources and tools in the form of AP Computer Science documents and homework help. Ap computer science principles homework. by | posted in: homework help for add students Protein shakes and essays brand switching research paper peter hommelhoff festschrift essays developing road safety culture essay from princeton? essay on vigilance awareness week Getting Real A definitive guide for Software Professionals to .