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Amarnath Yatra 2018 - IMPORTANT DETAILS

❶C Hydropower depends on time of day. This house is using solar, wind and hydro power.

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Small, or far away? Experiment with your perception of distance and size by making the amazing Ames room illusion.

Make a delicious and disgusting fake poo, and learn about how our emotions form. Create your very own hand-made animations, and learn about how we perceive motion. Mark and his girls Sasha and Lara build and race their own balloon powered cars. Gail and her daughters make amazing balancing structures and explore the science of stability. Discover the hidden colours in ink.

Make an uncooked egg bounce! Experiment with the chemistry of candles and make a flame jump through the air. Rufus and the racers. Playing with play dough. Colour changing cabbage juice. Catherine and the Lurgan Brownies Group make butter from cream. Cakes in a cup. People are trying to reduce this by generating more energy by environmentally-friendly methods like wind or solar power. Nuclear power stations often look similar to coal or gas power stations with lots of big cooling towers.

Electricity can be very dangerous when it travels through you. It can seriously hurt or even kill people. Not all items that use electricity have to be plugged into mains sockets. Batteries can be used to store small amounts of electricity so that it can be used in small things that you can carry around like iPods and video game players.

Coal — coal is turned into electricity by burning it to make steam to turn a turbine; unfortunately, this makes carbon dioxide that causes global warming Cooling towers — these are used at power stations to get as much heat as possible out of steam that has been used to make electricity; this makes the power stations more efficient. They are normally very wide towers, and sometimes look as though they have clouds coming out of them!

It saves money, and helps the environment. Help find out how to power different electrical items , and how to be safe with electricity suitable for KS1. Try to create enough power from a solar panel and a wind turbine before the clock stops! Join Curious Kate to find out all about electricity and how we use it. Explore energy, forces and materials with KS1 and KS2 games. Journey to Fossil Island to save a once-idyllic isle from pollution at the hands of the evil Baron Fossilosis.

Visit an exciting new hydroelectric power station built inside a mountain in the Scottish Highlands. Learn more about hydropower at Rheidol power station in Wales. Find out more about nuclear power at Wylfa power station in Wales. Ask your teacher about arranging a field trip to a local power station. Most power stations run tours for school groups. Learn how electricity is made. See what happens if something goes too close to a source of electricity. Learn how we can generate power from water.

See how homes in cities get electricity. What would it be like to live without electricity? A tried and true balloon activity is to rub a balloon on your head to make your hair stand up.

How does the rubbing build up static electricity? Do this experiment to see if the number of rubs makes a difference. Electricity powers many of the devices we use every day, from lights to video games and computers. Engineers have to use certain materials to make electrical devices work. In this experiment, you will find out which materials let electricity flow through them conductors and which ones prevent electricity from flowing through them insulators.

A kit for this project is available from our partner. Short circuits can get very hot and present a burn hazard. Never connect the positive and negative ends red and black wires of the battery pack directly to each other.

Did you know that not all trains run on tracks? This means that the carriage of the train is suspended over the rails with no support, but only with magnetic fields! There is a physical explanation for magnetic levitation, and if you would like to learn more about magnetism and current, this is a science fair project that you must try!

This project requires a neodymium magnet. See the Materials and Equipment list for details. Adult supervision is required for using neodymium magnets. See the Procedure for more detailed information. Have you tried our first electric play dough project, and now you are looking for more to do?

Do you want to learn more about circuits and add even more lights? Check out this project for part 2 of our play dough circuits series! What do you do with your old wooden pencils when they get too short to hold? This project will show you how to use pencils to make resistors, an important part of many electrical circuits, and test how they affect the brightness of a lightbulb in a simple circuit.

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