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❶Maybe instead of guilt you should feel pride.

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I hate cover letters, resumes, interviews People read these stories. You might not find them important, but the great preponderance of media consuming people do. Well if I take a computer science class to fulfill a requirement, should the teacher care if I am a music major? No, I was simply implying that while they are not pointless, in certain majors they are certainly not as important as they are thought to be.

I wish more scientists realized this actually. I work with a bunch of chemists and some of them can not write to save their damn lives. If you plan on a career in marine science that goes beyond feeding penguins at the aquarium, plan on writing research papers and getting published and so forth. Get good at writing. You might even write a book and make some money. Writing a research paper or grant proposal is a lot different than writing an essay about how a painting made you feel.

The humanities expect clever nuanced essays. You actually have to research a lot and spend time preparing and writing the damn thing. Most of my proposals were the written version of getting my teeth pulled for money. The vast majority of work that Scientists do is write. Write to get more money. Write to their team mates to see if they can give them money.

Write to Santa for money. The business world is basically writing, at least part junior levels. Document what you might want to do in the future. Document previous documents into a series of summarised documents for executive officers to read.

Document you co-workers toilet habits and bitch to your boss that Sally poops too often. Then you need to be able to write up your findings. Pointless essays are what turned me from a great writer into a mediocre writer.

Well not really for scientific papers. If you only say things that are cohesive but not actually to the point nor backed up with facts and experimental data then you are screwed. Lemme clarify, supporting evidence formed into a cohesive argument. This is true for all fields. I also go to school for journalism, so it really is about the words I use and not really the subject I wrote it on.

I also went to school for journalism, as well as work in journalism, and I can assure you that just means you went to a shitty school, and your case is an exception, not the norm. After writing a bullshit essay and receiving an A I lose any respect i had for said teacher. For some, a good finished product is easily achieved, but for others the same paper would require many revisions and more effort.

You must just have good communication skills. Maybe instead of guilt you should feel pride. A university teacher said it, so it must be legit! Why do some teachers assign essays that everyone including the teacher know is a pointless thing to assign? I have never assigned anything I thought was pointless.

Part of learning to be a good teacher is learning to make the material relevant to the students. Only then can one graduate to assignment-chooser, young DropkickMikeysan. Someone higher up decided that essay must be written, and they had a good reason. It could be to gauge your understanding, to test your writing skills, to teach you how to do independent research, etc.

Instead of cramming facts down your throat and asking you to regurgitate them, we ask you to find the facts, mull them over, and put them together in a way that is meaningful to you. The skill "writing a 5 paragraph essay" is not one that I needed practice at after having it ground into my skull for over a decade.

A lot of profs would dump the essays entirely if they had some decent way to measure your knowledge tests have issues as well. What a stupid waste of time! As a professor with this perspective, how would you explain the following event that i experienced my senior year?

Drink a hefty glass of whiskey straight and smoke several pots. Get asked by prof if he can use it on a seminar on how write a good essay. Haha I do recommend a little "mind-loosener" for people who struggle with writing. Although I would definitely suggest a sober proofread before handing it in. Loosening up you mind allows you to just throw the words on the paper rather than agonize over structure. My favorite is Barack Obama. Nobody here heard of article spinning? Take two groups of accomplished engineers.

Send one group to advanced engineering classes, send the other group to beginning music classes. IBM did this, and the second group showed more improvement as engineers than the first did. You also cannot expect students to completely discard the fact that it is pointless when they are presented with a better option.

People who study music share a lot with those who study engineering. All the skills you mentioned -- research, reasoning and language skills -- can be attained much more efficiently, I think, my studying something you have a passion for. Whereas one might only improve your skill, the other is actually useful in increasing your understanding. I am still in High school, but I think if the amount of bullshit content that I had to deal with were to be replaced with real and actual content, Id be much better off and more motivated.

Then I realize I still have to write 8 pages. It benefits nobody except the printer ink and paper industries, and of course, all the companies that make the chemicals that make me able to spend evenings writing this tripe. I usually describe them as "making me want to eat glass," but lemons in the eyes is pretty good, too.

Once I submitted a complete load of crap like this for a mandatory high school writing contest piece that we were not going to be graded on except for completion. I typed out a stupid story about a boy who never took a bath, killing everything within miles with his awful stench, until he meets an equally stinky girl and they hang out together.

Turns out it was to be submitted to the semifinals round of the contest. My high school sucked. Has anyone else noted that when generating "random" words, the human brain always goes for nouns.

Nobody ever types "random" words and gets a list like: When I got to college I sold almost all of them and made all my booze money for the first 2 years just selling my old essays and occasionally writing a new one. People have asked me how it is possible to write an essay on something you know nothing about.

Why it happened and how it began. Who were the major notables and battles of the war. Who won, how they won. Where they are from and their upbringing. What they did to become a notable and may be add in some extra fact about their personal lives. Their death and impact on current society. Introduction and conclusion always stay relatively the same. In fact, I have pat introductions and conclusions I can just plug in and change names and dates around.

For longer reports I refer to the same 5 paragraph essay - I just double it or triple it. But as a teacher who actually cares about improving the writing habits of students, for the love of somebody please know that there are better ways of conveying information.

An essay is a method of conveying information to a reader. Harlequin romance novels are formulaic in that there are only a handful of plots that are recycled over and over again with different characters, different settings, and slightly different details. The problem is that professors read many essays, and over time fatigue sets in.

The way to distinguish yourself from the competition is to have better writing. So, how do you improve your writing? The best way to create fantastic essays is to read fantastic essays. I recommend to my high school students to read essays from longform. All but the last should be freely available online if you google them. These essays are funny, emotional, moving, and will leave you thinking about their content for years to come.

You know, those boring things that teachers make you write This is from the past year, some fifteen pieces of the absolute best writing I saw from students. This is after spending a semester emulating great writing. But getting back to essay writing: Three points, three paragraphs is often not enough to do this. This is the formula that I give to my own students for each body paragraph of a literary analysis:. Each point in a paragraph should support your topic sentence, and each topic sentence from each paragraph needs to support your thesis.

This method also scales well: In a ten-page term paper, for instance, you might have three sections, each with three or four paragraphs, each paragraph containing a key quotation from your chosen text that supports your topic sentences, each of which support the idea of a section, and each section supporting your thesis.

Hubris Leading to Unimportance? There are three sections, with the first two sections having two paragraphs and the final section having only one paragraph. The assignment was a short persuasive essay, words, I believe. If the writer had restricted herself to only three body paragraphs, it would have been much too rushed, or each paragraph would have been much too long.

Are you still in school? If so, take the time to sit down with one of your teachers and ask them to grade an essay in front of you. This is the absolute best way to improve your own writing. It could be that your writing is absolutely top-notch, in which case it would be helpful for you to know this, right? Well thank you for this lesson. I should have expected that tho! I will give it a shot on my next paper. You are unlikely to find a job that pays you to discuss things that interest you.

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