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Teacher of English native speaker. Experience working with preschoolers in a group of 9 kids or an enthusiastic person who really wants to work with the kids of that age and teach them English. Permanent and stable job, corporate uniform and three meals during the day, as well as working visa and approval documents are provided. Pedagogical experience and education is a plus.

After the end of the contract at our principal kindergarten in Odintsovo region it is possible to continuer the work experience in our secondary kindergarten in London. Saturday English Club Teacher. Magic Castle International School Contact: An energetic, friendly and responsible native speaker English teacher need for children yo to work Saturdays 10am to 2pm in the centre of Moscow and at m.

We provide academic training, a competitive salary and free lunch. Responsibilities will include teaching English in an interactive manner through games and other activities, learn through play, accompany to walks and various events, and caring duties. Native English speakers aged under 35 with experience in families, good checkable recommendations, and teaching degree or ESL qualifications are considered.

Conversational Russian is essential! An ideal person should be flexible, tolerant, with a gentle nature, in good health, well-organized. English Nursery and Primary School Contact: Please feel free to apply at recruiter englishnursery.

The position is opened in Year 1 class children aged ; there are around 20 children in the class, working alongside a Head Teacher following the New British National Curriculum. British Lyceum is a cosy, mixed, vibrant school specialising in advanced study of languages and economics.

We work in conjunction with the Examinations Centre of Cambridge University. We are committed to high educational standards; high aspirations in pupils and the achievement of their full potential. Outstanding teachers capable of delivering more than one subject are especially welcome.

We are recruiting native English speakers who love children, are open-minded and friendly. You will join a team of experienced educators. Resources and teacher support are excellent. Teacher for Business English. StudyLab School in Moscow is looking for a highly professional and talented teacher for Business English classes to adults. We are looking for an expert who will be able to lead our students to ambitious academic goals, and demonstrate a result-oriented approach.

The successful candidate has to be: Tutor for SAT verbal. We look for an expert who will be able to lead our students to ambitious academic goals and demonstrate a result-oriented approach.

Our students apply for highly selective boarding schools and universities abroad and, therefore, require high level of dedication and customized approach from a teacher.

Prepare students for SAT verbal exams. Classes will be based on the one of the privileged Schools in Moscow; Lead students to their academic goals; Devise study plan; Apply individualized approach in a classroom. We are currently recruiting Secondary school teachers who are able to deliver their subjects up to and including A-Level.

Moscow Innovative Language Centre is searching for a talented teacher for the kindergarten and the school. We are looking for young, experienced, hard working and optimistic native teachers of the English language who has devoted to their profession: The working hours will be spread over 5 days a week, with 2 days of the weekend.

Russian national holidays and total of 28 days of paid vacations will be given. On a completion of a year contract, on a renewal a bonus will be paid. Visa invitation and documents to apply for a visa will be provided, plus an official work contract for a multi-entry work visa in the Russia.

Accommodations will also be provided, close in proximity to work, and fully paid for the length of your staying and working. Medical leaves will also be paid, if you are unable to go to the work for any reason. If you are interested in our vacancy, forward your CV by e-mail: We are the biggest chain of bilingual kindergartens in Russia.

For now, we have more than 65 opened and successfully working kindergartens. We are looking for English teachers who will be able to: Tutor of Math and Science. British School of Excellence Contact: The position presupposes teaching individual students from high-profile families as well as teaching at elite boarding and international schools in Moscow.

To teach kids of y. We need a teacher for Reception group of 4 year olds at metro Tsvetnoi Bulvar. We consider candidates available for a trial class in Moscow.

We are looking for a native speaker ready to work with this age according to school standards and expectations. We provide academic training, visa support, medical insurance, paid holidays, a competitive salary and a great team.

Native Speakers Club Contact: On 9 September, an anonymous person speaking with a Caucasian accent called the Interfax news agency, saying that the blasts in Moscow and Buynaksk were "our response to the bombings of civilians in the villages in Chechnya and Dagestan. Russia has been openly terrorizing Dagestan, it encircled three villages in the centre of Dagestan, did not allow women and children to leave.

From now on, they will get our bombs everywhere. Let Russia await our explosions blasting through their cities. I swear we will do it. On 15 September, an unidentified man, again speaking with a Caucasian accent, called the ITAR-TASS news agency, claiming to represent a group called the Liberation Army of Dagestan, and he said, that the explosions in Buynaksk and Moscow were carried out by his organization.

According to him, the attacks were a retaliation to the deaths of Muslim women and children during Russian air raids in Dagestan. Russian officials from both the Interior Ministry and FSB at the time expressed scepticism over the claims. Sergei Bogdanov of the FSB press service in Moscow said that the words of a previously unknown individual representing a mythical organization should not be considered as reliable.

Bogdanov insisted that the organization had nothing to do with the bombing. On September, a Dagestani official also denied the existence of a "Dagestan Liberation Army". Vyacheslav Izmailov, an expert on the Caucasus for the newspaper Novaya Gazeta , said at the time that he had received a note from an informant on 10 planned attacks in Moscow, St.

Petersburg and in the Rostov area. According to Izmailov, the informant indicated that the explosions were organized by some leaders of the Islamic insurgency in Dagestan, Shamil Basayev and Ibn Al-Khattab. But he said the attacks were carried out by Slavic mercenaries and also Chechens, so it was difficult to identify the terrorists.

In another book, Lubyanka Criminal Group , Litvinenko and Alexander Goldfarb described the transformation of the FSB into a criminal and terrorist organization, including conducting the bombings.

Litvinenko Former GRU analyst and historian Viktor Suvorov said that the book describes "a leading criminal group that provides "protection" for all other organized crime in the country and which continues the criminal war against their own people", like their predecessors NKVD and KGB. Lubyanka [the KGB headquarters] was taken over by enemies of the people Patrushev and all other leadership of Lubyanka Criminal Group must follow his example.

Litvinenko was "the most compelling proof" of the FSB involvement theory. According to the book, the murder of Litvinenko "gave credence to all his previous theories, delivering justice for the tenants of the bombed apartment blocks, the Moscow theater-goers , Sergei Yushenkov, Yuri Shchekochikhin, and Anna Politkovskaya , and the half-exterminated nation of Chechnya , exposing their killers for the whole world to see.

A documentary Nedoverie "Disbelief" about the bombing controversy made by Russian director Andrei Nekrasov was premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. The film chronicles the story of Tatyana and Alyona Morozova, the two Russian-American sisters, who had lost their mother in the attack, and decided to find out who did it.

Writer Alexander Prokhanov authored a political thriller Mr. Hexogen which describes the bombings as a " chekist electoral technique". Alexandr Nemets and Dr. Putin ascended to the presidency in by pointing a finger at the Chechens for committing these crimes, launching a new military campaign in Chechnya, and riding a frenzy of public anger into office.

Former Russian State Security Council chief Alexandr Lebed in his 29 September interview with Le Figaro said he was almost convinced that the government organised the terrorist acts. Andrei Illarionov , a former key economic adviser to the Russian president, said: There is no other element that could have organized the bombings except for the FSB.

A PBS Frontline documentary on Vladimir Putin also mentioned the theory and FSB involvement, citing the quick removal of rubble and bodies from the bombing scenes before any investigation could take place, the discovery of the Ryazan bomb, the deaths of several people who had attempted to investigate the bombings, as well as the defused Ryazan bomb being made of Russian military explosives and detonators.

Chechen rebels were incapable of organising a series of bombings without help from high-ranking Moscow officials. It is virtually impossible to find such examples in modern history. Leaders like Hafez Assad in Syria and Saddam Hussein in Iraq brutally killed many of their citizens who dared to challenge their rule. But to blow up your own innocent and sleeping people in your capital city is an action almost unthinkable. Yet the evidence that the FSB was at least involved in planting a bomb in Ryazan is incontrovertible.

In March , Putin dismissed the allegations of FSB involvement in the bombings as "delirious nonsense. The very allegation is immoral," he said. According to philosopher Robert Bruce Ware , "The assertions that Russian security services are responsible for the bombings is at least partially incorrect, and appears to have given rise to an obscurantist mythology of Russian culpability.

According to Russian journalist Andrei Soldatov , "From the start, it seemed that the Kremlin was determined to suppress all discussion Trepashkin himself, acting as a lawyer for two relatives of the victims of the blast, was unable to obtain information he requested and was entitled to see by law".

Russian journalist and radio host Yulia Latynina opined that the version about FSB involvement was absurd because it was promoted by Boris Berezovsky who himself brought Putin to power. According to Strobe Talbott who was a United States Deputy Secretary of State during the events, "there was no evidence to support" the "conspiracy theory, although Russian public opinion did indeed solidify behind Putin in his determination to carry out a swift, decisive counteroffensive.

Russian military analyst Pavel Felgenhauer noted: On 8 February , the secretary of state Madeleine Albright was asked by senator Jesse Helms about any evidence linking the bombings to Chechen rebels during her testimony before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.

He received response that all documents were classified by US government because "that information had the potential According to a cable on the Ryazan incident from the U. On 11 January , senator Marco Rubio raised the issue of the bombings during the confirmation hearings for Rex Tillerson. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Moscow apartment bombings. Bold italics indicate incidents resulting in more than 50 deaths. Incidents are bombings, unless described otherwise.

Kaspiysk Moscow theater crisis Grozny. Znamenskoye Tushino Stavropol Red Square. Grozny stadium bombing Moscow Aug. Aircraft bombings Beslan school siege. Grozny bombing Grozny clashes. Metrojet Flight on its way to Russia. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Russia portal Terrorism portal s portal. Retrieved 6 April Archived from the original on 29 February Retrieved 29 January Archived from the original on 16 February Archived from the original PDF on 27 September Ostrow , Georgil Satarov , Irina Khakamada p.

Archived from the original PDF on 5 March Retrieved 28 June The New York Times. Archived 12 May at the Wayback Machine. Archived from the original on 14 February Retrieved 9 February Archived from the original on 16 November Archived 6 January at the Wayback Machine. Retrieved 31 May Satisfied with the year summary Archived 31 January at the Wayback Machine. Retrieved 5 January Archived from the original on 30 September Archived from the original on 10 March Thomas, Alexander Melikishvili, J.

Dagestani official denies existence of Dagestan Liberation Army". Who is to blame? The answer of the Russian state Prosecutor office to the inquiry of Gosduma member A. Amir Abu al-Walid and the Islamic component of the Chechen war". Archived from the original on 18 February Retrieved 9 December Archived from the original on 13 February Archived from the original on 11 January Ru , January Ru , November Your task is small Archived 5 November at the Wayback Machine.

Archived from the original on 18 March Archived from the original on 8 February Amnesty International calls for Mikhail Trepashkin to be released pending a full review of his case". Archived from the original on 8 October Retrieved 3 September Archived from the original on 17 October Я говорил со своими шефами, совершенно точно, тебя не тронут. Кончай с Ковалевым Сергеем Адамовичем контактировать в Госдуме и так далее.

Archived from the original on 27 August Retrieved 14 September A Look at Ryazan ". Archived 18 February at the Wayback Machine. The record in IMDb. Archived from the original on 14 September Retrieved 9 August Retrieved 3 December Retrieved 14 January Archived from the original on 25 October Archived 14 November at the Wayback Machine.

The New York Review of Books. Retrieved 9 November Archived from the original on 17 September Retrieved 19 September Senator Ben Cardin of Maryland". Retrieved 17 January Archived from the original on 19 September Retrieved from " https: Webarchive template wayback links Articles with Russian-language external links CS1 maint: Views Read Edit View history.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This page was last edited on 1 September , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Buynaksk , Moscow and Volgodonsk. Time bombings , terrorism. If the sacks which proved to contain explosive were noticed, that means there is a positive side to it, if only the fact that the public is reacting correctly to the events taking place in our country today. No panic, no sympathy for the bandits.

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