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❶When do you use an e-resume? But keep in mind that the way you format your resume is very important.

Entry Level: Resume Template

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This entry level resume template can help you structure your document so you can present your information in a way that comes off as organized and engaging. View Entry Level Resume Template.

Resume Template Use our free management resume template to properly lay out all the qualities and accomplishments that have helped you to move up the careers ladder. But keep in mind that the way you format your resume is very important. For that reason, we have created detailed guides for people in your shoes.

View Management Resume Template. Resume Template As an experienced employee on the hunt for a new position, you need to create a resume that varies slightly from those of entry level and junior jobseekers.

Where a recent grad might focus on details that highlight future promise, raw talent, or educational credentials, you should concentrate on a track record of accomplishments and proven successes. Use this experienced resume template as a guide while you format and draft your own message to potential employers. Here are some formatting tips to get you started: Place your educational information lower on the page, and elevate your core competencies and most relevant contributions.

Start with a summary that sends a clear message: Then document your core abilities and professional highlights. View Experienced Resume Template. Resume Template A traditional resume template like the one presented here will stand the test of time and appeal to employers who appreciate standard formatting.

Here are some free formatting tips specifically for this template: And make sure your resume can be downloaded and reviewed using simple software tools. Avoid graphics, image files, and non-functioning links. View Traditional Resume Template.

Resume Template Modern resumes feel light and sleek compared to their old counterparts. They offer a clean and elegant sense of formatting.

Overall, they feel lean and efficient. A good formatting tip to start with is to use a heading that stands out, and include your websites and social media information. Follow with a concise summary and then a description of your core offerings, rather than a cumbersome list of your past positions.

Then skim through your most relevant previous jobs and end with a brief list of additional skills and supplemental information. View Contemporary Resume Template. View Templates Accounting and Finance: Resume Template To win over hiring managers in accounting and finance, you need to emphasize two important points: Your track record of accomplishments, and 2. Your willingness to grow, learn, and handle challenges that lie ahead. Overall, you want your past and your future to shine.

As you shape your story, use this accounting and finance resume template as a guide. Begin with a summary of your strongest credentials, then share a list of your core accounting abilities, including your software competencies and client management skills. Follow your list with a brief summary of each of your past positions, including the position title, dates of employment and key responsibilities.

Complete your resume with a summary of your education credentials. View Accounting and Finance Resume Template. Use your resume to emphasize your experience with scheduling, invoicing, and budget management, and shine a spotlight on your ability to handle multiple complex tasks and keep a cool head under pressure. Use this administrative resume template to lay out your case. Start with a summary of your profile. Next, list your most valuable core competencies. Share each of your past positions starting with the job title and employment dates, and for each, list your most relevant responsibilities and accomplishments.

View Administrative Resume Template. View Templates Computers and Technology: Start with a summary of your profile, then follow your summary with a list of your areas of expertise implementation, cyber security, etc. Use bullet points to keep your list readable and searchable, and be sure to include your certifications and areas of proficiency.

Follow your highlights with a brief description of your past positions and educational credentials. View Computers and Technology Resume Template. Start with a summary of your most valuable contributions and areas of clinical expertise. Then list six to eight core competencies, separated by bullet points.

Include patient management, administrative and technology proficiencies as well as clinical skills. Follow your list with a summary of each of your most relevant past positions and a review of your educational accomplishments, including your certifications.

View Medical Resume Template. View Templates Customer Service: Resume Template Hiring managers in the customer service field tend to look for candidates with relevant experience and the kinds of personality traits that lead to successful customer interactions, like patience and attention to detail.

Then answer some basic questions and provide your contact information. Fill out a thorough questionnaire by answering in-depth questions about your employment history, goals and achievements, desired position. A Professional Resume Writer from our network will help you draft the resume, which you can review and suggest changes to. Our writer will edit your resume taking into consideration your suggestions to ensure that the final product is tailored to your needs. All of our writers are hand-picked HR and recruitment professionals who know the look and feel of a good resume.

They are skilled across industries and dedicated to delivering the best product on the market. We employ professional editors who will read through each submitted document and give it a polish after a writer is finished, to smooth and perfect your marketing document. It takes a robot to fight one. Our in-house software will scan your resume and help with formatting and keywords to create an ATS-optimized document. We guarantee you a phone or face-to-face interview within 30 days after the completion.

If not, we will re-write your resume again free of charge. A workplace can be such an emotional environment to be in.

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