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Green Marketing On Customer Satisfaction & Environmental Protection

Green marketing dissertation titles

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Dissertation report on green marketing
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In case you want to buy a cheap essay from Essayshark. Throughout the whole ordering process, you can use the live-chat option and ask all the questions you want to ask and give necessary remarks. Pick a date at Fill in the order form. Sampling technique — In this study, technique for selecting sample will of probabilistic nature. Simple random sampling will be used for selecting 50 customers who will be the respondents for study.

This technique will provide equal chance to every unit in the population to be included in the study. Viewpoints of respondents regarding the impact of green marketing will be obtained through a questionnaire.

Analysis of data — Data will be analysed by using both qualitative and quantitative techniques. As per the views of Ottman, , green marketing is a strategy that organizations adopt for controlling their harmful impacts on environment.

As a form of promotion, green marketing enables a company to bring forward the green aspects of its products Ottman, However, Richey and et. The authors suggest that green marketing implies that various functions related to packaging, labelling, distributing and manufacturing products need to be modified by the organizations Richey and et.

The business practice of adopting green marketing provides a highlight of the environmental protection characteristics of the products and services of an organization. Dahlstrom explored that the demands of consumers have grown for products that are environment friendly Dahlstrom, It can be analysed that environmental friendly products act as a component of green marketing. This has made the companies promote environmental attributes of their products.

The process which is used in creation of a product makes it green. But, it can be critically evaluated that businesses engage in green marketing with the sole purpose of earning profit. Then green marketing would not be concentrated at reducing harmful impact of organizational activities on environment.

Luo and Bhattacharya are of view that in response to the demands of the consumers there has been introduction of new products. These specialize in attributes such as energy efficiency, climate control, sustainability and reduction of waste. The authors found that products are being redesigned by companies with an eye to attract and satisfy consumers who want to care for the environment Luo and Bhattacharya, It can be analysed that this can be taken as the reason behind the evolution of marketing into green marketing.

In this way, organizations also promote environmental advantages of their products. But, Levinson and Horowitz, argue that growing public awareness about environmental degradation is the principal factor that has driven companies to adopt green marketing strategies Levinson and Horowitz, This has led to the evolution of green marketing. However, it can be critically analysed that this was the need of the hour considering the growing population, industrialization and consumption of natural resources.

Grundey and Zaharia, argue that green marketing emerged owing to the awareness of businesses, firms and customers regarding need to protect environment Grundey and Zaharia, But, there are other reasons which led marketing to evolve into green marketing. Yazdanifard and Mercy explored the changes in the buying decisions of consumers over time.

The authors found that owing to the increased concern over environmental issues, the buying pattern of consumers changed Yazdanifard and Mercy, Consumers have drifted towards purchasing products and services that they perceive as more environment friendly. It can be analysed that considering the growth in green consumerism, businesses devise new marketing strategies that respond to the demands of consumers. This has made the companies adopt strategies and tactics that come under greeen marketing.

Eventually marketing transformed into green marketing. All organizations essentially consider the aspect of marketing mix. This is important for making the product reach the right consumers at the right place through appropriate channels. Ottman, Stafford and Hartman, found that when organizations consider the perspective of green marketing, they modify their marketing mix as per the requirements Ottman, Stafford and Hartman, Green marketing is all about bringing changes in all the elements that are related to a product.

It can be critically analyzed that adding a green label to the product does not make a company as practicing green marketing. Alterations have to be brought in the four elements of marketing mix.

As such, product, price, place and promotion have to be changed. It can be analyzed that the elements of marketing mix have to be modified to suit green marketing strategy of company.

But, it can be critically evaluated that green marketing would arise the need of developing a thorough understanding of the market. Robinot and Giannelloni, suggest changing the product element of marketing mix while pursuing a green marketing strategy.

It can be analyzed that raw materials and ingredients that are used for producing the product need to be sourced in an environmental friendly way Robinot and Giannelloni, This implies use of those manufacturing and distribution methods with the help of which the companies can reduce their carbon footprint.

It requires sourcing raw materials that are natural and organic. Also, fewer chemicals are to be used in farming. All these practices make the product element of marketing mix in accordance with green marketing strategy.

However, it can be critically evaluated that there are certain limitations that are faced by organizations while doing so. Manaktola and Jauhari, claim that the biggest issue is that of prices. Practices that are adopted for production under green marketing make products expensive which acts a barrier in their acceptance by consumers. The authors found that for manufacturing organic food, natural fertilizers are used Manaktola and Jauhari, This makes it more expensive as compared to other products.

It can be critically analyzed that a prices create a gap between green products and other products. Daub and Ergenzinger, also support the presence of green pricing gap. In their study, authors found that consumers do not willingly accept green product and purchase it because price act as a barrier. It can be analyzed that organizations modify place element of marketing mix for incorporating the green aspect in their operations.

Sustainable practices such as solar energy panels and energy efficient lights in stores are adopted by various organizations. Montoro-Rios, Luque-Martinez and Rodriguez-Molina explored promotion element of marketing mix in relation to green marketing strategy.

The authors found that in order to promote the environmental protection characteristics of their products, organizations use environmental friendly communication tools and tactics Montoro-Rios, Luque-Martinez and Rodriguez-Molina, These promotion tools are those that assist the people and communities to grow in a healthy way.

However, it can be critically analyzed that green marketing in itself entails promoting the environmental friendly characteristics of a product. It comprises of using terms such as recyclable, degradable and environmentally friendly.

Customer satisfaction is the measure of the extent to which products of a company meet the expectations of consumers. Chen assert that customer satisfaction determines repurchase intentions and loyalty of customers Chen, It can be analyzed that if customers are satisfied, they repurchase the products and services of a company.

Jain, Roopshikha and Bandhu, found in their study that consistency is the key to making customers satisfied Jain, Roopshikha and Bandhu, With consistent efforts that a company makes, customers develop faith and trust in it. This makes them satisfied and motivates them to be loyal to the firm.

Ottman, Stafford and Hartman, assert that customer satisfaction is an abstract concept and consists of various factors Ottman, Stafford and Hartman, These include quality of product or service, atmosphere of location of the product, price of product etc. Sivesan, Achchuthan and Umanakenan, consider customer satisfaction as the center of marketing. It can be analysed that all the aspects of marketing are decided taking into account the concept of customer satisfaction Sivesan, Achchuthan and Umanakenan, Horne studied the role of green marketing in achieving various organizational objectives.

The authors found that customer satisfaction is an important objective that is achieved with the help of green marketing Horne, However, it can be critically analyzed that environmental protection is also an objective of the firms which they fulfill with the help of green marketing. Grundey and Zaharia , claim that customer satisfaction is a measure of the extent to which products and services meet or surpass the expectations of customers Grundey and Zaharia, The authors considered it as an outcome or process which results from the consumption experience of a product.

However, it can be critically evaluated that it is the intention with which consumers purchase a product. Customers intend to purchase a product if they feel contented by using it. Boztepe in their study found out that an organization is able to obtain satisfaction of its customers if it carries out activities that are favored by them Boztepe, Great concern is showed by the customers regarding environment. Chen and Chang , support that customers have increasingly become conscious about the impact that organizational activities have on the environment Chen and Chang, It can be evaluated that as green marketing is focused in enhancing the effectiveness of organization in the area of environmental protection, it can likely satisfy customers.

For example, Tesco claims to reduce its carbon emissions of all the stores by the year This is a serious initiative that the company has taken towards protecting the environment Reducing our impact on the environment, In this way, they are able to meet the contentment level of the consumers Green and et. This makes the firms achieve customer satisfaction.

While adopting green marketing strategy, firm highlight the environmental advantages of their products and services. By using these products, the customers feel that they have contributed towards protection of environment.

Jain and Kaur, have views that customers are satisfied when they feel that they are a part of organization which cares for environment Jain and Kaur, Green marketing projects the image of an organization as one that keeps the interests of natural environment forward while carrying out all its activities.

It can be analyzed that by being a part of such an organization, customers feel satisfied. According to Jain, Roopshikha and Bandhu, customers have become environmental conscious and want to make efforts towards providing protection to the natural environment Jain, Roopshikha and Bandhu, It can be analyzed that they favor using products that have been manufactured in a way that least harm has been caused to the environment.

For example, Sainsbury manufactures products by using environmental friendly practices. It works closely with the suppliers to source raw materials in ways that protect the natural surroundings.

The store also uses per cent recycled crate Responsibility, It has also made improvements in its Lorries so as to reduce impact of its large scale distribution network on environment. Polonsky suggests that customer satisfaction can be obtained when companies continuously work to provide them with service of superior quality. However, it can be critically analyzed that customer satisfaction can result when companies are able to meet the basic needs of the customers.

In these days, customers want to care for the environment. They have become informed about the hazards that human activities have caused to it. Moreover, activities which support the environment are favored by consumers.

Thus it can be analyzed that green marketing can make the customers satisfied. By undertaking activities that promote the well being of natural resources and surroundings, organizations are able to gain trust of customers. Simula and Salo, support that customer satisfaction is based on the trust that they keep in organization and its activities.

Reduction in wastages and optimal use of resources ensure the customers that firm cares for environment over its interests Simula and Salo, Feeling proud in being a part of such an organization makes the customers purchase its products thus leading to their satisfaction.

However, companies like ASDA have failed to retain that trust as its green marketing activities were found to be misleading and inaccurate Brownsell, It can be critically analyzed that false and misleading activities undertaken by the organization, for the sake of green promotion break the trust of customers.

This has negative impact on their satisfaction. However, Sivesan, Achchuthan and Umanakenan, argue that green marketed products are over - priced which demotivates the customers and restrains them from purchasing. It has been fund that as green products are manufactured with ethical practices and uses of environmental friendly methods, these require high quality processing and manufacturing Sivesan, Achchuthan and Umanakenan, Also, components that go into making these products have been sourced ethically keeping the interests of protecting environment before organizational motives.

As such, these factors raise the prices of products for which green marketing is done. It can be critically evaluated that considering the prices of products and services in UK, customers are not satisfied with green marketing. However, Slevitch and et. In their study, authors found that green marketing is only related to packaging and promotion of the product. These are external aspects and are considered only for the purpose of promotion of environmental protection features of products Slevitch and et.

Hence, these may develop the trust and confidence of the customers and may satisfy them. Customers increasingly expect the organizations to undertake activities for the betterment of environment. When the firms succeed to do so, it grants satisfaction to the consumers.

Green marketing implies that the firm is resducing its impact on the environment. This suggests that an organization is using fewer chemicals, discharging fewer emissions into the environment and using environmentally friendly processes for manufacturing the products. This fulfills the expectations of the customers thus leading to their satisfaction. Rahbar and Wahid found in their study that environmental protection is concerned with safeguarding the components of environment for present as well as future generations Rahbar and Wahid, It can be analysed that environment is protected when the needs of the present generation are met in a way that the ability of future generations to meet their needs is not compromised.

The end product of green marketing is preserving the environment for the present and future generations. They also adopt better pollution controls and biodegradable and recyclable packaging Richey and et. In this way, green marketing strategy has significant positive impact on environmental protection in UK. For example, British Airways has set the goal of producing sustainable jet fuel.

This is a low carbon jet fuel which will help the company provide its services thereby reducing its impact on the environment GreenSky London Biofuel Plant Preparing for Lift-off, Liu, Kasturiratne and Moizer claim that green marketing begins with green designing. For example, hospitality organizations of UK like Hilton hotel and Ritz Carlton hotel use processes and products that are environmentally friendly while providing its services Liu, Kasturiratne and Moizer, Energy saving detergents is used by the hotels for washing and cleaning purposes.

Efficient utilization of space is another initiative that is taken by these hotels with the perspective of green marketing. These reduce the harms that organizational activities can cause to the environment. It can be analysed that green marketing assists in protection of the environment. Sharma and Iyer, add that green distribution of product is an initiative that is undertaken by many firms in UK.

For example, retailers like Sainsbury distribute their products to the customers by use of energy efficient fuels. This helps in reducing emissions of toxic pollutants in the air Sharma and Iyer, As such, the air quality is maintained with green marketing practices.

This protects air, which is an important component of environment, from getting polluted. Chan assert that environment safety is about following the laws that have been made regarding areas such as management of hazardous material, Harmful pollution etc. This implies complying with the laws that govern the areas of environmental safety. It can be evaluated that green marketing helps in protecting the environment. This is because it makes the organization work as per the standards that are built for safeguarding the natural surroundings.

However, Juwaheer, Pudaruth and Noyaux, argue that implementing processes and operations for environmental protection is not an easy task to be done Juwaheer, Pudaruth and Noyaux, It can be critically analysed that organizations may adopt green marketing only to show the customers that the products are prepared by caring for the environment. Thus, the companies might actually not adopt green practices but only promote the environmental protection features of their products.

In such cases, there may be negative impact of business activities on natural surroundings thus endangering environment and its various components.

Existing literature explores the concept of customer satisfaction in relation to other aspects. Studies have been done by various authors that highlight the evolution of marketing into green marketing. There are other researches that were done on green marketing and its importance. However, none of the researches done earlier focused on impact of green marketing on customer satisfaction as well as environmental protection. In this regard, the present research explores the link between green marketing and customer satisfaction.

In this way, it incorporates the existing literature on green marketing and customer satisfaction. There are two types of research paradigms. These are known as positivism and interpretivism. This type of philosophy focuses on obtaining the meaning. This philosophy consists of the data of experience.

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