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❶Do you write the name of the company over and over again? Handled customer interactions for a high-volume call center with a focus on consumer electronics troubleshooting.

Resume updates: when you’ve had multiple jobs at one company

2. Treat the job positions individually
If the Jobs Were Similar in Nature

One Employer, Multiple Jobs: There are two ways to format your positions: This strategy is good if you would like to emphasize your highest-level position and show promotions within the organization. Include the overall date range for your employer next to the company name and location, followed by a list of positions in reverse chronological order most recent first.

To emphasize your promotional advancement, lead your position description with something like: Be sure to include a bulleted list of achievements, which can reflect your contributions from any of your positions. If you held numerous positions five or more with one employer, the above list of job titles will start to take up valuable space on your resume. Summarize your early job titles using one line of text. If each of your positions is strong and relevant, separate the job titles and provide individual position descriptions.

This approach is a great way to reveal your achievement history according to position and time frame. Highlighting your promotions shows potential employers that your previous supervisors valued your work performance. Even lateral moves suggest you were able to handle diverse responsibilities.

Beneath the title of your position, describe your duties in one to two sentences. Keep your descriptions brief. Repeat this for the other positions you held with the same company, listing them in reverse chronological order.

Use two to three sentences to describe your work history with the company and save the details for your interview. This approach works well when you have jobs with common titles, such as licensed practical nurse, registered nurse, charge nurse, nurse practitioner.

During your interview, you can explain your progression from one job to the next. Job seekers with a lengthy work history might benefit from a functional resume format instead of a chronological one. Professional competencies are tasks and responsibilities you have performed in all of your jobs.

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Skip to main content. Different Employers If you feel you have too many positions with different employers, consider combining the roles into similar occupations.

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Including multiple jobs from the same company on your resume There are two ways to format your positions. Find out which works best for you. G et a free resume evaluation today from the experts at Monster's Resume Writing Service. You'll get detailed feedback in two business days, including a review of your resume's appearance and content.

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Stacking the positions into one description is the most common resume format for organizing more than one position at a single company. This method is used to draw attention to progressive responsibilities, achievements, and dedication to the company.

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If the Jobs Were Pretty Different. On the other hand, if the jobs you've held at your company were in different roles (e.g., you moved from marketing coordinator to associate editor), list the company once but break out the job titles, treating them like two different positions. Jul 19,  · How to List Multiple Positions at the Same Company on a Resume Let’s say that you’ve held multiple positions at the same company, but not /5(16).

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One Employer, Multiple Jobs: How to Handle It on Your Resume by Kim Isaacs, Monster Resume Expert. So you’ve been promoted or changed positions with an employer, and you’re unsure how to present this on your resume. How to List Multiple Positions at One Company on Your Resume 20 January by Casey Fleischmann There is nothing wrong about having multiple positions in one company but the question arises when you have to list them on your resume.