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Their gender Their background If they have a disability The effects of discrimination on some children is that it can lower their self esteem and damage their self confidence. Be able to work in an inclusive way. Be able to promote diversity, equality and inclusion 3. CU — CU — Context and principles for early years progression. Understand the purposes and principles of early years frameworks 1. Understand how to work in partnership with carers 3.

CU — CU — Promote children. Understand the welfare requirements of the relevant early years framework 1. Early childhood education is a ton of small pieces that makes up one beautiful picture.

It has many elements working together for a common goal. I believe that early childhood education is the base line, the start of creating people who are problem solvers, who are risk takers, who are logical thinkers, decision makers, people who are okay being themselves, and will be able to Two rising patterns have appeared the deliberation of demographers contemplating the relation in the midst of family structure and child prosperity the most recent decagon family anxiety and multi-partner fertility.

Family organization development and multi-partner fertility typically co-occur one in eight kids born to folks who were married and virtually one in two youngsters born to folks who were single in massive U. When does childhood obesity become abuse? For the first time in history, the next generation will not live longer, or even as long, as their parents. Where do we as a country draw the line?

How long do we There is legislation in place in relation to equality, diversity and inclusive practice. Follow the links to help you to complete the task. I would like you to research policies for equality, diversity and inclusive practice. You may wish to include a policy from your own setting. Use these policies as examples to help you to: By looking at the rationale behind the Equality act I would like you to include in your answer how this piece of legislation influences your day to day work with young children.

The formal commands equal treatment, while the liberal requires differential treatment. Even if used during different stages of selection processes which is unusual they remain philosophically opposed. For Colebatch this has crucial implications for effective EO policies, since consistency is universally recognised as a central prerequisite for any policy measure. Radical equality of opportunity conflicts with both the formal and liberal approaches since it is concerned with outcomes, or equal shares, rather than opportunity.

A radical approach may be justified by the limitations of the principles of the formal and liberal. From a radical viewpoint, degrees of equality and inequality are demonstrated by representation; the focus is to achieve equal outcomes by removing entrenched social divisions. In this model, organisations become microcosms of wider society and some inequality is acceptable, provided it reflects variation in aptitude, ability and personal choice Blakemore and Drake, Radical thinking questions the possibility of merit being objectively defined, arguing instead that it is socially constructed, that powerful groups set societal criteria which are neither value-neutral nor fair.

Bourdieu , for example, highlighted resistance to standardisation in educational testing systems, originating from an inherited elite fighting to preserve invisible modes of evaluation that reproduce the privileged status of a select few. From this perspective, skills, abilities and knowledge are not equally available to all. Further, Human Resources HR procedures cannot produce equitable outcomes Cockburn, ; Liff, , so emphasis is placed less on procedures and more on labour market outcomes.

The radical solution is to politicise decision-making processes in order to promote the interests of disadvantaged groups and overcome inherent or historical bias. The state should be acknowledged as a key player in any practice which will ensure equitable employment outcomes for all groups in society Waring, Affirmative Action, known in the UK as positive discrimination, refers to radical equality policies which consider variables such as race, religion or gender in order to benefit underrepresented groups in employment or education.

Justification for this, from the radical perspective, is that it compensates for past injustice, such as the legacy of black slavery Anderson, Positive discrimination is quite different from positive action, and its use in UK area-based policies in the s attracted widespread disapproval Smith, Positive discrimination allows preferential treatment of disadvantaged groups regardless of merit; organisations fill quotas by selecting individuals on the basis of their membership of an underrepresented group, for example their ethnicity or gender.

The concept embodies two key assumptions; that because social groups are diverse, discrimination and disadvantage are multifaceted, and that organisations can benefit from valuing, and effectively managing, diversity. The aim is to harness differences, creating a productive environment in which individual potential is maximised and organisational goals are met Kandola and Fullerton, MD aims, through a business-driven model, to challenge organisational culture to view diversity as positive.

Liff identifies four different policy approaches within the MD notion: Various methods are used, including audits, vision statements, business-related objectives, communication and accountability. Currently with less equality legislation than the UK, Jersey is one example of a jurisdiction which takes the MD approach to a greater extent than EO.

For Kandola, the main difference is that MD is inherently individualistic, concentrating on every way in which people differ. EO approaches fail to emphasise the strategic importance and value of diversity and equality, focusing on the operational processes and considering equality in terms of its cost implications rather than its organisational benefits Stankevich, What is clear, assert Parker and Hall is that progressive firms see a positive correlation between diversity, productivity and competitiveness, but are more likely to identify EO with legislation and cost.

Diversity serves as a driving force, while EO is a regulating one. Anderson and Metcalfe found that diversity can benefit a business complex, arguing that many workforces are diverse in a range of both invisible and established categories See Appendix. Johns and Green, agree that the growing evidence in support of MD is becoming hard to ignore. MD approaches also benefit the community; policies supporting ex-offender employment reduce reoffending rates and crime.

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Equality and Diversity in Employment. (1) In analysis of the ‘Thirst Burst’ case study there are a number of different issues facing the company. First, Thirst Burst as a company, is in a high-pressure setting in trying to achieve its vision of becoming the UK’s largest retail juice outlet.

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Equality and diversity essay help Nvq 5 Equality and Diversity Essay Example for Free If so,Update 8pm ET Googles new Vice President of Diversity, organizations are relying on the same programs theyve been using since the s. Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Words | 15 Pages. TDA Unit Equality, diversity & inclusion in work with children & young people [].In your setting, there is a range of policies which formally sets out guidelines and procedures for ensuring equality.

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Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access. Inclusion Diversity Equality Essay Sample. Performance Criteria (PC) 1. Understand the importance of diversity, equality and inclusion Explain what is meant by i Diversity. This essay examines the key factors that influence inclusive learning and teaching in the lifelong learning sector. Teaching methods will vary according to what you want to get out of the session, what the learners are able to achieve within the time frame, what materials and resources are available, what you are teaching, the needs of the learners and your .